Civil Lust - Unhappy, Unsigned & Overdressed

  "A voice within a new fastidious punk generation."

Civil Lust, a seemingly self driven, independent project out of Salt Lake City, Utah known by some as nothing more than a bad-form musical facade, have now set out for themselves; with their upcoming release, a direction that aggressively depicts the perpetual notion of depression, anxiety, misery, and self doubt - emotions we all face in day to day life.
With abrasive lyrics, moody tone, and lustful portrayals; Civil lust's intrusive approach attempts to shed new light (through performance) on society's struggle with mental incompetence and the personal endeavors one must face to achieve a healthy state of independence; a separation from the flock.

Their debut album "Constitutions" depicts progression through unlearning. 
A process of trial and error; deconstructing the rules/guidelines placed within our lives by our peers and falsified authority figures. 
This album emphasizes on ideals of individual growth and the pursuit to better understand the importance of personal values, identity, and self worth. 
Written on what pretense, you ask? Experiences in their own lives.
Seven songs composed amongst two individuals, written not only for the feint of heart, but for the transparent youth of today.

Civil Lust will be releasing their debut EP "Constitutions" on April 1st, 2017.
It will be available through Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and Spotify.
Spring '17 tour dates are soon to be announced. 

Here is a sneak peek into Civil Lusts new album. Enjoy their new single "Even Further". 

Music Influence:
Punk/ Synth/ Goth.

Blitz, Gang Of Four, Cocteau Twins, Positive Noise, Human League, Asylum Party, The Cure, Bauhaus, Joy Division, OMD, Tears for Fears, New York Dolls, Pet Shop Boys, The Clash.

Twitter: @civillust
Instagram: @civillust

The Adorable Life and Exquisite Photos of Maxwell Poth

The Adorable Life and Exquisite Photos of Maxwell Poth

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Maxwell started out as a model. Signed with NIYA Model Management in Salt Lake City, Utah. He quickly grew a passion to be on the other side of the lens by photographing models at the agency.  

Having the ability to relate with models he creates a comfortable and fun environment on set. Maxwell is able to help give models direction. How to move. How to pose. How to show their best features.

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