Mouna Fadiga & Jorji Zimmatore

Today marks my first Journal post. I will be sharing stories and editorials here as often as I can/when I have something I feel like sharing. 

Today also marks my first editorial. Once a month I have decided to shoot an editorial. Whether it is for a magazine or just to add to my book/the teams book. Sometimes I will have stories involved and others I will just be sharing the beautiful art created. That way I can share what I find to be beautiful without others values playing into what I can share. Since quite frequently I have a picture or two reported. Personally this journal isn't meant for anyone but me. I do not care if 10,000 people see these or 10. If you enjoy my art and love what I share that is wonderful and I am happy to share these with you. 

This coming year I want to intertwine my art with personal stories, controversial issues and issues I find that need to be brought to light or recycled. Amongst the Journal I have given myself other tasks to challenge myself as a photographer for 2017 and I am very excited to share all of those with you this coming year. 

My first year in Los Angeles has been a dream come true. I wake up everyday in paradise. From what I have learned in my one year in this big city is that you have to work hard and never settle. Even if you think you have "made it"...what does that even really mean? I personally am not even close to where I want to be. Don't let the amount of Instagram followers (this goes out to anyone with a following) fool you into thinking we have all made it. In the end the amount of followers you have does not prove anything. Living here I have only met wonderful people who moved to this city to chase their dreams. Why else would you move here? We move places usually because we have a goal in mind. We move to achieve what we think will make us happy and fulfilled. So that is why I am mentioning this. Work hard and never settle. I see too many people move here and do nothing to reach their goals. They think everything will be handed to them and then one day they will become a big movie star. I have plans for myself and I don't intend to achieve those plans by sleeping most of the day, going to my job to pay the bills and then go party late at night. Wake up and do it all over again. Granted I have been lucky enough to ultimately just focus on my photography but in some cases people aren't so fortunate. 

A great example would have to be one of my dearest friends. He moved here at 18 years old and he never stops. He is a machine. He wakes up everyday at 6 am and never stops trying. He doesn't give himself a title and do nothing. He gives himself a title and does everything to have that title. To show people something. I am very proud of him. He is 19 now and is already doing amazing things. His future is bright and I know he will accomplish his dreams. He will accomplish his dreams because he works hard every damn day and never settles. That is my goal and even though he is younger he is a great role model. I am 100% sure there are thousands upon thousands of journal entries who are saying the same thing but they are writing it for a reason. That reason's a very obvious and true thing to say and share with others. Work hard and never settle. If you don't work hard and settle after one commercial/gig/campaign/etc...well good luck with that. Regardless if I even do become successful one day or not at least I had fun trying and I'll continue to create my art because it is what makes me happy. 

This editorial was a challenge for me because I decided to mainly keep it all in color. As you may know I am known for my black and whites so it was a bit hard to not shoot or edit the photos in black and white. 

Mouna Fadiga & Jorji Zimmatore were the two models I casted for this editorial. One reason I casted them is because they are women, and women are not seen so much in my book as much as men. They are also not white women as you can see which is something I lack in my book (sadly) but is now building. 

Casting this shoot in October during the heat of the election I wanted to find two beautiful women of different races. I wanted them to begin shooting separate from each other. As you can see the wooden pole between them (at the time) represents our possible future. It symbolized a possible being who may be running our country very soon. When he won the election so many Americans felts scared, confused and hopeless...Yet we Americans are fighters and regardless of who will run our country we will not just sit here and let things change that so many of us have fought to gain. Even though it isn't something we should have to gain at all. We are human beings and we all have our rights. Sadly many of us have to fight for them. Not only fight for our human rights but also fight against racism. That is another wall that must be broken down. Again the wooden pole between the two models is separating them. Soon though the two come together with the pole behind them...because we are better than something (someone) trying to keep us apart. 

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do. Not only are they beautiful images but these are beautiful women and I couldn't have created this without my talented team. 

Film Photographer: Alex King

Stylist: Andrew Philip Nguyen

Stylist Assistant: Hien Phan

Makeup Artist: Andy Trieu 

Here is the first of many editorials and stories to come that I cannot wait to share with you. Keep a lookout and thank you for following this unexpected photography adventure with me. Also my posts won't have anything like I have written above. This is only my introduction for what's to come.