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TOPMAN Blog | 21 Questions With Jack Baran

While you’re trying to get likes into double figures for your moody black and white artisan coffee, social media star Jack Baran is getting 65,000 likes for a bright pink Starbucks. How do you even get to that level of online popularity? The YouTube mogul explains all…

First and foremost, how many YouTube followers do you have as of this very second?

What would you say is the exact moment that you realized you were a YouTube star?
Near the end of high school when I chose to pursue YouTube full time as opposed to college I think was when I came to realize my success and the potential I had as a creator.

How did you get into this whole world of vlogging?
I first started on YouTube making music videos as a hobby, with a huge community of people. A few years after that people desired to hear my opinions and vlogging became a trend.

What challenges do you face in video-social content creation?
Big picture, holding myself to standards— I strive for perfection and sometimes it’s hard to let go of something that isn’t exactly how I want it. Smaller picture, it takes me way too long to edit my Instagram pictures.

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